Thermo Air Easi Extraction Wall

Thermo Air Easi Extraction Walls suit a variety of applications.

These versatile filter units can installed in any cabin or factory workshop to create a spray area, a dry filter spray booth and preparation area’s, bays or sanding extraction booth. These dry filter systems are ideal for painting preparation and even top coating in some applications, they can be used as spray booth extraction chambers or just exhaust ventilation. They aim to capture paint and dust via the filter wall and can be used to support large spray painting applications in an open or enclosed area.

Ideal for paint and general extraction they are modular and can be coupled together to create a banked wall of filters.

Manufactured from prefabricated 1.0mm galvanised sheet steel panels, aluminium profile integrated with universal connection sections.

Alternative construction materials and finishes are available, including stainless steel and polyester powder coat.

The modular design provides great flexibility, with options for fan types, fan positions, filter media and control systems.

A wide range of sizes and variation available on request.

HR-Combi line PHX c/w packaged DX heating/cooling Key Features of EasiExtract

  • Small footprint with high volume exhaust extraction.
  • Remove dust and overspray from workplace.
  • Kit Form Self-Assembly Spray Booth.
  • Suitable for sanding, preparation & minor/major spray painting or as spray area.
  • Industrial, automotive and commercial applications.
  • Any size – small or large. Standard = 3m x 2m & 4m x 2m.
  • Safe and compliant.
  • Double inlet / double width centrifugal exhaust fans.
  • ExnT3 3.5Kw rated motors (increased safety motors).
  • High quality Labyrinth filters to capture particles.
  • Industry proven.
  • Quite and low cost to install & run.
  • Modular sizes to suit any workshop.
  • Trusted 100% Irish Made product